Coffee with the best view

Coffee with the best views

Even though it’s the day before Thanksgiving on San Juan Island, today I am grateful for public transportation. A few days ago, we had some family visit who had never been to Friday Harbor before, and due to other commitments, they were left on their own to get to our little San Juan Island. The journey is not difficult, but it does take some planning. Fortunately, they were able to find a shuttle bus that could pick them up at SeaTac Airport and drive to the Anacortes Ferry, getting them to Friday Harbor. Naturally, the first thing I did was make them coffee, which they drank while admiring the amazing view we have at Riptide – ferry, marina, sea planes – we have the best. Because of everyone’s personal schedules, not having that bus would have made things much more complicated.

Now, buses. Do you remember the days when the exhaust from buses in front of you smelled a bit like French fries? In the mid-90’s, the US Department of Energy sponsored a project to test biofuels often made with soybean oil in Chicago city buses, resulting in constant fast-food cravings from passengers. Biodiesel with soybean oil is still a thing, but a new form of biodiesel using the waste from coffee beans was released a few months ago on London city buses.

Photo from: © bio-bean limited

You read that right – coffee bean biodiesel.

We here in Friday Harbor are very fortunate when it comes to air quality. Even on the busiest of summer days when car, floatplane, and ferry traffic is at it’s highest, we can still comfortably sit outside on the patio and watch the boats in the marina while leisurely enjoying an espresso. That isn’t the case for everyone, however. There are stories in the news nearly every day about unhealthy air. Not all of these can be attributed to car emissions, but many of them can be.

Photo from: © bio-bean limited

One very simple tactic to help air quality is to use public transportation. Instead of driving everywhere by yourself, lonely in your car, grab a book and a coffee and explore somewhere new on a bus. Better yet, grab a coffee and find a caffeinated bus! It sounds like the perfect combination to me, especially if you are on your way to visit family and loved ones for the holidays.

So, today I am thankful for buses and coffee, visiting family, and the beautiful air in Friday Harbor that allows me breathe freely while enjoying my coffee and my family. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!